Friday, 8 April 2016

Pen and Wash

I have been interested in pen and wash (some call it line and wash) for some time. It was a serious idea for me before I got heavily into pastels two years ago. When I was in Manchester a few years ago I watched a young punky girl with purply/magenta hair urban sketching on the street and I was kicking myself that I had allowed my battery to run down on my Nikon otherwise I would have taken photographs of her and her work.

She probably had no idea that I sat in a café nearby and watched (some might say stalked!) her from a distance as she drew the church in front of her and scribbled in faceless people, like myself, going about their Saturday business. She spent little over an hour on her sketch and she was pleased that I had come back to see her finished work. We talked about what she had done for about ten minutes and I gave her a fiver for the pleasure of just seeing her talent at close hand.

That conversation danced through my head at the start of March when I attended a Grahame Booth pen and wash demo at Hillsborough Art Society. It headbanged me down an avenue I've been too scared to walk down due to my fear of watercolour. 

I have now invested in 12 Winsor & Newton watercolour markers plus accompanying A3 specialist pad as they seemed more user friendly than tubes. A week later I splashed out on a set of Pitt Artist pencils and 60 Faber Castell Albrecht Durer watercolour pencils with spritzers and water brushes. I watched YouTube demos and I knew with a bit of work I could conquer this medium! I am happier with markers and pencils in my hand so all I need to learn now is how to apply water to them. Simples!   

Anyway here are a few ideas of what I would like to be doing in the weeks/months ahead. I can't honestly see myself working en plain air but I can imagine myself taking photographs of scenes and piecing them together to make panoramics and working off those. I desperately want to work looser than I do with pastels (haha that'll be easy!) so I am looking forward to the summer months and getting out there and doing it!


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