Friday, 29 April 2016

Effort No. 2: Gold Hill, Shaftesbury

This was my second very different attempt at pen and wash. Much more structured, probably more me and I've got to say a lot less fun than my indoor market scene done yesterday. Boo!

I was tempted to reproduce my Gold Hill pastel painting from the top of the hill but thought better of it. Small baby steps first David! So I found this pen and wash by Chris Lee on Pinterest. Same hill, only drawn from the bottom looking up! I decided to copy his version almost line for line. Flattery eh! 

It was a good exercise and it showed me I can do it. I have no problems I guess with the line drawing part of pen and wash – my homework will come with the parts I decide not to paint in as I am used to filling a page in its entirety! And then there's the colours to choose. A small palette is best so I'm fortunate for now that I have for now only twelve markers.

I got to thinking – I'm known for that sometimes – that maybe I should try the same scene out with watercolour paints (and pencils) to see how the three mediums compare. Trials for another day!  

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