Thursday, 3 March 2016

Grahame Booth watercolour demonstration in Hillsborough

This was the second Grahame Booth watercolour demonstration I had been at in the past three weeks. He had previously shown off his prowess with the riggers and the like at Lisnagarvey Art Society. 

To tie in with the year theme of ‘industry’ he painted a straightforward watercolour of a scene from the Harland & Wolff docks which was OK but far too loose to get me excited.

Hillsborough was very different. 

I have always been fascinated by pen and wash so I was all eyes and ears when Grahame demonstrated a quite ordinary street scene of Portrush on the big screen.

I was hooked! Big time! 

Now I needed to find some interesting images to draw. I want to go A3 but Grahame recommends A4 but I wonder is that because he’s a two-three hour man whereas I am more ‘whatever time it takes’ ...

I like the idea of being loose, of painting wet on wet and creating a riot of pigments soaking into each other to form other mad colours but then I have to remember who I am and my need to be in control in a Geoff Kersey kind of way. I think I need to saturate myself in some good pen and wash YouTube videos, then put them down and get on with creating something that is totally me – a wee potion of Geoff and Grahame and a large shot of yer tatch man. 

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