Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Hello Robin

My Saunders 300b watercolour cold pressed paper came through this morning so I had to trial it with my first watercolour. I used watercolour markers for this painting to see how they'd fare on 'unrecommended' paper. Definitely more textured than I was expecting so that took a bit of getting used to after my 'pen and wash' excursions.                                                                              

This took about 75 minutes which probably broke every known record for me. I'd like to say I was happy with it... 

I have to remember what it was like to roller skate back in the early 1980s. It took me a while just to stand up, another few hours to skate ten yards without someone holding me, another session or two before I was skating around with the best of them. Then I wanted to learn to go backwards, skate in and out between traffic cones, jump chairs, flee from police as we speed skated in and around Portrush and finally play roller hockey well enough to be part of the side that were Northern Ireland champions. Go Warriors! 

So I know what it is to be patient and to know that proficiency takes time. 

I fell down lots of times painting this watercolour. 
I put too many pencil marks in – ouch! 
The background colours either side of Rob were not pale enough - aarghh! 
The black on the wing was far too dark – grrrrh! 
What's the green all about – damn! 
And those twiglet legs Robbie should have, are far too carelessly fat – whoops, diet time! 
And I have to learn to do the grunge – boo! 

That aside it's a reasonable bruising beginning – just need to keep picking myself up now and manage ten yards without breaking anything. So if at first you don't succeed...          

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