Friday, 9 September 2016

Digital artwork of the Argory

The EU referendum has thankfully come and gone and the UK is brexiting Europe! It seemed a bit odd to me that Sinn Fein were campaigning for BRITS IN and the DUP for BRITS OUT!  But hey that's politics here in Northern Ireland! I'm OK about leaving as the continental Europeans never really shared their summer-long sunshine with us pasty faced west Brits. Huh!  

Anyway there I was on yet another wet July day, bored enough to be playing with Photoshop and Painter digital paintbrushes on my 21in Cintiq for the first time in several years. I went a bit mad and brewed up a snowstorm at the Argory, a National Trust park near where I grew up in Moy. I added a girl with a pink umbrella in and fell in love with the painting.

 I'm currently working on a pastel version but am in two minds whether I can create a blizzard! Click on the image to view larger.

My digital blizzard

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