Thursday, 8 September 2016

Hillsborough Art Society Programme 2016-2017

I'm really looking forward to several of these demonstrations in the coming society year.

Wednesday 5th October
Emma Spence - Oils/Mixed Media demonstration

Wednesday 2nd November
Trevor Woods - Creative Pottery demonstration

Wednesday 7th December
Dawn Mitchell - Pastels demonstration

Wednesday 4th January
Shirley Travena - Watercolour video

Wednesday 1st February
Paul Walls - Acrylics demonstration

Wednesday 1st March
An Evening with Neil Shawcross

Wednesday 5th April
Grahame Booth - Watercolours demonstration

Wednesday 3rd May
Annual General Meeting and video

Thursday 25th May – Monday 29th May
29th Annual Exhibition in Hillsborough Village School

Wednesday 7th June
Leo Casement - Acrylics demonstration

Wednesday 6th September
Jeff Monaghan - watercolours demonstration

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