Friday, 9 September 2016

No Monday Night Pastel class for me at the Island this term

I've been going to Monday night pastel classes at the Island Centre in Lisburn for two years now and it's been enjoyable meeting up with other pastellists. 

Because I'm not an Island member I don't have access to early priority booking for their workshops – I just wait for the public booking to open. Yesterday was that day! 

I did try to get through three times on the phone but all I got were automated responses – line was busy please call back. The same this morning. I went online to see if I could possibly register there and discovered that the pastel class was fully booked. Ah well. Means I'll get watching Cold Feet at 8pm and not whenever on the BBC iPlayer. I have no idea what's behind the sudden rise in pastel popularity among Lisburn peeps. Do people hate James Nesbitt that much? 

I'll not be joining the Island's Priority Booking List anytime soon as I dislike privilege and the idea that you can pay to jump a queue grates with me. In times past I've been fortunate to get a place a week before Dawn's pastel class started at the end of September and then in January. 

I'm a great believer in "what's meant for you won't pass you by" and "if one door closes, it's shut!" so I'll just move on and say that Monday night part of my life is over for now. I'm first on the stand-by list if any of the 16 who did get a place on the Pastel class drop out, but I'm kinda resigned to see how Adam fares on Cold Feet minus the lovely Rachel!  


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