Friday, 7 April 2017

Paper Collage by Nancy Standlee

Cupcake by Nancy Standlee
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Pear by Nancy Standlee
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I first did a paper collage for a tourist board client in my advertising agency days. This was in a time before Apple Macs and Adobe Illustrator. I recall my picture having a few boats, a lighthouse, a cliff, land, sea and sky with a few people in a car travelling by road towards a town (I think it was Donaghadee) in the background for a summer holiday. We tore the special coloured art paper so that left an impressive white rough edge and slowly built the landscape up. It was all carefully created and the end result was quite amazing. The client loved it too! I kept the original so it’s in my house somewhere. Check attic!

Many years later the Irish Linen Centre hosted an exhibition of Henri Matisse’s work. The main image used to sell the event was his Blue Nude II, created when he was wheelchair bound and unable to sculpt and paint. He expressed his art with scissors instead and he wasn’t alone. Pablo Picasso got a cut of the action too and well if it’s good enough for these two world famous artists…

I love these cheerful and expressively bold artworks by American artist Nancy Standlee. I will try one of her cupcakes sometime soon. Problem is I need to start collecting/hoarding and then taking scissors to weekend magazines, travel brochures, junk mail and the like instead of dumping them in my green recycle bin! I’ve already started...

For some reason I have hyphenation on in the first paragraph and I can't get rid of it! Annoying! 

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